Nuovo pistone P2925 per YAMAHA RD 350 vers. 31K D. 64 mm

Available from HALF DECEMBER 2023

The Yamaha RD 350 31K is part of the RD Series, which includes motorcycles with two-stroke, twin-cylinder engines. The RD 350 was produced by Yamaha Motor and imported to Italy from 1973 to 1994. 

The Yamaha RD 350 31K model was introduced in 1983 and was a significant evolution of the RD350LC. This model was equipped with the Yamaha Power Valves System (YPVS), a system of exhaust valves that allowed the exhaust port diagram to be varied. With smaller port sizes, the engine gained in torque, flexibility, and acceleration.

In 1983, the 350 models were designated 31K. The RD350LC 31K had a displacement of 347cc, a bore x stroke of 64.0 x 54.0, and a compression ratio of 6.0:1. It was cooled by water and had a power output of 59 CV at 9000 rpm. The bike had a 6-speed gearbox and an oil capacity of 1.6 liters.

Following the great demand of lovers of this motorcycle Meteor has now developed the piston P2925 with several improvements in order to provide a high performance product and meet the market demand.

Check it on our catalogue - AVAILABLE FROM HALF DECEMBER 2023

P2925 PISTONE YAMAHA RD 350 (Vers. 31K) D. 64 | METEOR PISTON S.r.l.  

black and white round metal frame

13 Ø bore


The piston is produced in 13 bore variants to cover every need of renovation:

64 or 64.25 or 64.50 or 64.75 or 65 or 65.25 or 65.50 or 65.75 or 66 or 66.25 or 66.50 or 66.75 or 67

white and black hair on white surface

Bigger bore same  light weight

The bigger diameters will be machined starting from a cast piston designed on purpose that allows the finished product to have the same light weight of the original bore piston.

New rings h. 1 mm - Made in Japan

New generation of piston rings from the top quality makers of Japan with height of just 1 mm.

Nuovo pistone P2925  per YAMAHA RD 350 vers. 31K D. 64 mm
METEOR PISTON S.r.l., Simona Tommasi November 27, 2023
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