Cylinder castings

Aluminum Alloy Cast Cylinders  

Why Cast Cylinders?

In Caber premises it is located the foundry producing cast pistons for Meteor Piston; the very same machines used for the pistons can be also utilised for the production of cast cylinders.

The production was born first for gardening cylinders (chainsaws) and today is also dedicated to small flying engines and mortorbikes. 

Cylinder blanks, cast only, heat treated, not machined.


Alluminium Alloy with 10% Silicon pct


Gravity casting for wings cylinders

Gravity casting for no-wings cylinders
(with shell molding cores)


From 35 to 95 mm. 


Chainsaws, small flying engines, vintage motorbikes.


Internal full design of the cast workpiece and molding tools.


Same excellent quality of our pistons, more convenience.

Accurate processing

Detailed procedures for the follow-up of all processing, from the alloy preparation phases to the casting process.

G-AlSi 10MgCuNi-P

G-AISI 10MgCuNi-P Chemical composition in Pct (%)

Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Ti Ni Pb Sn Sr ppm Ca ppm P ppm Na ppm OTH sing OTH tot
Min. 9 - 0,6 - 0,6 - - 0,6 - - - - 60 - - -
Max 10,5 0,3 1,3 0,1 1,3 0,1 0,1 1,3 0,05 0,05 5 10 120 5 0,05 0,15

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