A call to Challenge.

The concept and design of these pistons is subject to continuous improvements and upgrading to achieve the perfect fit into the engines.

Racing EVOlution

The production of the pistons for the world of Off-Road bikes represent the highest level of technology by Meteor. The same care is given to both aftermarket pistons and OEM parts.

On catalogue, most pistons are available in several versions with different compressions and technical solutions to meet the performances expected by the users (from the amateurs to the racing bikers).

Evolution. At EICMA 2019 Meteor Piston released the new CATALOGUE 2020 for Off-road motorcycles launching the new version RACING EVO(lution) for some pistons which have an ultra-design and improved performance thanks to special features that give added value to the already existing RACING version. 

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OEM Applications

OEM parts

Pistons for off-road motorcycles produced on exclusive design of OEM engine builders. 

OEM parts are designed in accordance to the engine builders and our R&D engineers offer technical assistance for upgrades and improvements.


Aftermarket parts

Rich catalogue of aftermarket pistons for 2-strokes and 4-strokes dirt bikes available in different versions from STANDARD to RACING EVO.

Spare parts with some plus features thanks to innovative treatments on pistons and rings coatings for an improved performance and durability.







ATV Quad


All possible versions. 

Not just one piston for every engine.

 The aftermarket catalogue is rich of several options to let the customer choose the one with the expected performance.

2-strokes pistons versions


  • Same characteristics of the original part


  • Plus characteristics for improved performance

Racing EVO

  • Plus characteristics for improved performance
  • Special design and coatings for HIGH POWER

4-strokes pistons versions



  • Original Compression ratio



  • High Compression ratio



  • High Compression ratio
  • Piston pin in DLC (as a plus when not available on the original part)

Racing EVO


  • High Compression ratio
  • Piston pin in DLC
  • Special coating or improved design for HIGH POWER

Racing Division

Need anything more?

For teams and customers that need technical support to develop special pistons for racing bikes and vintage engines, contact our Racing Division.

Discover all versions on our catalogue.