Old but Young

Pistons and Piston Rings for historical scooters, moped, mofa and GP bikes.
Piston rings for classic, rally and prestigious car engines.

From yesterday to today.

Old but young. The first pistons made by Meteor in mid 1950s are stil produced along with the newest models or motorcycles on the market. Old items but totally refreshed technology of production from the casting molds to the machining tools to give customers the same reliability of the new products .

Custom. For special projects we develop customized solutions designed upon the engines adjustments made by mechanical companies specialized in the rebuilding and tuning of the old engines.

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The first piston kits ever produced by Meteor. The pistons which represent Meteor's origins: Lambretta Old Piaggio Vespa, moped Zundapp and Sach are now back again, following the increasing demand of amateur customers retrofitting the original motorcycles.

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Today, Meteor has introduced new pistons for the Vintage models with improved features for higher performances to meet the needs of vintage racing riders that are now running with Lambretta and Vespa on racing circuits.

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Vintage GP Racing

Following the demand of GP bikes amateurs riders Meteor is producing since a few years a line of pistons for Vintage GP racing bikes like Yamaha TZ 250, Yamaha, TZ 750, Yamaha TZ 350 

Featured like the original parts

Pistons available with the same features of the original versions

Improved racing versions

New profiles of piston skirt

Light weight

Rings in steel h. 1.0 mm

GP Power

Outstanding piston finishing and profiling.

High performance rings.

400+ piston models  on our catalog.

Get your piston with the rings and run again!

No Time to Die

Piston rings for classic Ferrari, Aston Martin, ...

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Vintage cars piston rings for everything of the past.

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Reliable rings made with high quality material

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Great stock

Wide stock of piston rings available in stock from diameter 50 up 150 mm.

5000+ piston rings on our catalog.

See online catalog!

Custom Vintage
Racing Pistons

Meteor Piston is available for any customized pistons designed on demand of teams specifications.