Construction Tools

Endurance and power guaranteed

 High quality parts to give added value to the most powerful professional machines.

Professional Power. The same performance and reliability of our pistons and rings used in professional cutting engines is applied to our products for construction machines.

Portable solutions. The internal combustion engine is the best solution for having generous portable power.  

High quality rings. The best performance of pistons and cylinders is guaranteed by the level of quality of all components of our assemblies.  Kits by Meteor for Construction Tools carry high quality cast iron rings made in Italy by CABER srl.  Rings are available in different material options for the best coupling with the cylinder sleeve coating.

Gardening Forestry Agriculture motor Pistons and Rings


Design & Technology

New and efficient design for all parts up to the innovative strato-charged engines.

High quality materials: high percentage Aluminium alloys 


Perfect fit into with Nikasil® coated cylinders


Best design and architecture for low emissions and fuel savings.


High quality materials mold in single casting Meteor Piston

High quality materials mold in single casting.

Caber rough blanks do not derive from tubes splitting but are directly mold through sand casting  into single rings through cluster pattern plates. The best method to provide high quality rings.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Fit for Nikasil® 

Rings available also in special carbidic cast iron, designed to run and resist into Nikasil® coated cylinders.

High efficiency piston rings with less wear and long life.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Double oval turning technology 

Advanced production technology by means of special machines that turn the rings oval to keep stable geometries and constant features on the whole workpiece.


Chainsaws Pistons from Meteor Piston

Jack Hammer

Brushcutters Pistons from Meteor Piston

Petrol Jack Hammer

Agriculture Pistons from Meteor Piston

Portable Air, Power and Flow

By your side to make tough construction tools

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