P2925 PISTONE YAMAHA RD 350 (Vers. 31K) D. 64


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Nominal Diameter mm: 64
Compression mm: 36
Head type: Testa bombata
Head size mm: 4
Total_length_mm: 72

Totally new

All sizes variants

The piston is produced in all possible bore sizes in order to fit the maximum number of re-bored cylinders.

Write what the customer would like to know,
not what you want to show.

Big size - light weight

For the bigger bores a specific cast piston has been developped on purpose to keep the weight of the bigger pistons as light as the original piston.


MAGGIORAZIONI 64 or 64.25 or 64.50 or 64.75 or 65 or 65.25 or 65.50 or 65.75 or 66 or 66.25 or 66.50 or 66.75 or 67