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Excellent performance of Forato

The 2020 motocross world championship kicks off from England at Matterly Basin, a race characterised by the weather that on Saturday created major problems for the organisation by canceling much of the program. The riders took to the track only for the time practice.

In qualifying good performance for Alberto Forato who managed to take the eleventh position, Mattia Guadagnini was unable to find the perfect lap and had to settle for 17th place. 

At the start of race 1 Alberto starts off very strong managing to move into the top ten, Forato thanks to an excellent race pace he managed to overtake the classification by closing the race in fifth place.

Guadagnini struggled to find the rhythm but managed to overcome several opponents and under the checkered flag he passed 15th.

n race 2 Forato was unable to repeat the good start of the first heat, Alberto did not lose heart and with a good race he finished ninth.

Good performance by Mattia Guadagnini who managed to improve going to conquer the eleventh position.

Thanks to the two excellent results Alberto Forato closes his weekend in sixth absolute position.

Marco Maddii: "We are very happy, it went better than what we could have expected. Both Mattia and Alberto have been very good, we know we have the potential to be in the positions that matter. Mattia in his first race started on the right foot without overdoing it. Alberto has shown he has the right speed for the MX2. "

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Dario Zucchini March 3, 2020
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