Memorable double victory for Fantic Racing and Team Maddii

2021 Italian International MX Championship – Round 3 Mantova (MN)

Lapucci and Osterhagen are the MX2 and 125cc winners of the 2021 Italian International Championship! Mantova was the set of an outstanding triumph, where Lapucci was the author of a thrilling race in the Supercampione class. Matteo Russi did well too (125cc), in the MX2 Tuani classified 17th while Spies completed the top 10.

The last act of the “Eicma Series” Italian International MX Championship went down at the renovated track of Mantova. The Fantic Factory Maddii Racing Team ended the series in the best way possible by achieving double victory in the two classes! Nicholas Lapucci was the MX2 favorite and he confirmed it. The rider starred in the qualifying session by grabbing the second spot after igniting everybody with a sensational holeshot right at the beginning of the MX2. Osterhagen was crowned 125cc Championship despite a mistake in Race1 when he was leading the battle. All in all, this did not affect the Team and they were able to clinch their second triumph!

Hakon Osterhagen and Matteo Russi lined up at the start of the 125cc race riding their 2021 Fantic XX 125cc. Osterhagen pulled away at the start of Race1 to grab the Newfren pole position and lead the race. The model performance was affected by a spectacular crash at the nineth lap which still granted him the 3rd spot at the end of the session. In Race2 Hakon had to deal with pain which affected the start. After another crash Osterhagen worked his way up till the 8th spot ending the day 4th overall and being crowned winner of the 125cc Championship. The day brought mixed feelings for Russi. In Race1 Matteo proved he can battle it out with the top riders, in fact he took the 5th spot and eventually classified 7th. Unfortunately, Race2 was quite different; after reaching the top 5 Russi was forced to retire and lost the chance to come home with a good result.

Nicholas Lapucci took the lead of the MX2 and not after long opened up a gap from rivals. The racer ended up the MX2 finale in the best way possible and achieved the victory of the MX2 Championship with his Fantic 2 stroke. Such a result is a meaningful outcome in view of the European Series. As a matter of fact, Nicholas will be joining the 2021 Championship.

On the other hand, but still in the MX2, Maximilian Spies thoroughly worked his way up from the 16th to the 10th position. Federico Tuani clinched the 10th position at the beginning of the race to eventually classify 17th overall after losing some positions. Pietro Salina lined up in the MX1 where he classified 26th overall. Nicholas Lapucci, Federico Tuani and Maximilian Spies achieved the Supercampione class. Lapucci did well too in the MX1 where he held the second spot for most of the race to end up 4th overall, very close to the podium.

Marco Maddii: “This has been a memorable day for Fantic and us. I believe what happened today is incredible, because last winter we couldn’t even think about such a result. Our hearts were filled with joy when we saw Hakon and Nicholas being crowned champions. It’s especially incredible seeing Nicholas’ MX2 victory with his Fantic 2 stroke 250cc. Still, we can’t believe it! Now we’re all looking forward for next season and we know we can keep on the right path”.

Dario Zucchini March 14, 2021
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