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Husquarna 368

 Models on Catalogue

HUSQVARNA 55 Diam. 46 MP Ref. CC1660
HUSQVARNA 61  Diam. 48 MP Ref. CC1417
HUSQVARNA 268 Diam. 50 MP Ref. CC1723
HUSQVARNA 288 Diam. 54 MP Ref. CC1735
HUSQVARNA 340 Diam. 40 MP Ref. CC1730
HUSQVARNA 365 Diam. 48 MP Ref. CC1681
HUSQVARNA 372 Diam. 50 MP Ref. CC1725
HUSQVARNA 395 Diam. 56 MP Ref. CC1815

STIHL 023 Diam. 40 MP Ref. CC1734
STIHL 026 - 260 Diam. 44 MP Ref. CC1668
STIHL 036 - 360 Diam. 48 MP Ref. CC1458
STIHL 044 - 440 Diam. 50 MP Ref. CC2084
STIHL 046 - 460 Diam. 52 MP Ref. CC1833
STIHL 066 - 660 Diam. 54 MP Ref. CC1756

New range of cylinders for Husqvarna and Stihl professional CHAINSAWS just introduced in the catalogue 2011.
As well as the traditional cylinder for Husqvarna 61, we have been producing for years, new cylinders are now available for professional and half-professional chainsaws.
Cylinders with nickel silicon carbides coating.
New models will be available to enlarge our range.
Just one year of sales and the demand for Gardening & Forestry cylinders is increasing every day thanks yo customers’ positive  feedback, which is improving.
Today these products appear into a new packaging recalling the same graphic image of the pistons suitable to same  engines to let all Meteor’s Gardening items recognizable at a glance.
Today Meteor can meet the expectations of all customers in the need of distributing complete kits (cylinder, piston and rings) to users of the professional chainsaws most famous on the market.

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